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Tech Tips: Installing a New Piston in your Dirt Bike with Precision Concepts Racing

JE Pistons is proud to partner with Precision Concepts Racing for the 2019 season. When it was time for a new piston in one of their 2019 KX450s, we stopped by their shop to go over some tips with their Lead Mechanic, Phil Valdez.


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Forged Pistons for Your Dirt Bike: JE Pro Series Advantage

JE Pro Series pistons for off-road motorcycles are a result of extensive engineering and R&D for a feature-rich piston that delivers performance and strength. See how Pro Series accomplishes professional-level performance here. 



Restoring a Vintage Ferrari? Our new Piston Line Is Here to Help!

JE's new line of vintage Ferrari pistons are ready to help you pull your prancing horse out of the pasture and put it back on the road! 


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How to Know Which Ring Set You Need for Your Pistons

So, you have a set of pistons that you want to re-ring, but you don't which rings to order. Here, we go over the options you have for measuring your old rings or ring grooves so JE can get you the rings you need.



Evaluating Used  Pistons: How to Determine if Your Pistons Are Still Good

Gamblers are a different breed. There’s a point where they seem to know when a bluff has gone too far, when it’s time to fold their hand and live to fight another day. The art of building racing and high performance engines involves often pushing..


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