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Piston Tips and Tricks: How to Install Wire Locks

Wire locks are one of the most common wrist pin locks used in today's pistons, but correct installation can be frustrating. Here, we go through important tips and tricks to ease your wire lock installation and make sure you're up and running..


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High-Compression Pistons for your Motorcycle: Everything you Need to Know

High-compression pistons are a common upgrade for dirt bikes and other motorcycles, but bumping compression isn't always beneficial. We take a look what effects higher compression has, designing high-compression pistons, and what factors to..


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True Grit: Off-Road Champ Gary Sutherlin's Unexpected Season

Winning two different championships in one year is not an easy task. Gary Sutherlin did so in 2017, but unexpectedly found himself without a ride a month before the 2018 season. We talk to Gary about the adversity he faced, and single-handedly..


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High Compression Polaris RZR XP 900 Race Build

Keith Reid is a dedicated racer in the modern world of UTV racing. He currently races a RZR XP 900, that was recently rebuilt to add more power and reliability. Read on as we take a look inside Keith's engine, powered by JE pistons.


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Compression Ratio Theory and How to Calculate in Powersports

Whether you're buying pistons for a motorcycle, ATV, or UTV, you'll most likely see options in different compression ratios. A lot of factors go into designing pistons for different compression ratios. Here we'll take a look how compression ratio..


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