Introducing Masters of Motors, the First Engine-Centric Award!

October 19, 2018 / by Evan Perkins

JE Pistons is proud to announce the Masters of Motors competition. The first of its kind, Masters of Motors pits the country's top-engine builders against each other to win the coveted "Engine-uity" award! More information on rules, regs, and how to enter inside.

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SEMA and PRI, the two biggest gatherings of automotive enthusiasts, manufacturers, racers, and builders are awash in the glitz, glam, and sparkle of fresh paint. They’re the Automotive Academy awards, an internal crowning by peers of the best builds of the year. However, such awards –until now– have been only skin deep. In an industry built on speed, that simply won’t do.

The Masters of Motors competition will feature an epic, 80-pound, one-of-a-kind Trophy machined from a solid block of billet aluminum. Dubbed the "Engine-uity" award, the trophy will be presented to the overall winner of the competition. Judging will be based on creativity, craftsmanship, and, overall engine aesthetics. 

Enter JE Pistons’ Masters of Motors, the first engine-only competition that will judge on the artistry, uniqueness, and craftsmanship of engine building. Masters of Motors will put engine builders front and center, rewarding the hard work and delicate skill of engine building on a national stage!

 The official judges of Masters of Motors will be Brian Lohnes of BangShift, Steve Brulé of Westech Performance, and Mike Kojima of MotoIQ, and the one-and-only David Freiburger of HOT ROD Magazine, Roadkill, and Engine Masters fame.

Masters of Motors will be judged by three of the biggest names in horsepower, drag racing, and engine tech: Steve Brulé of Westech Performance, Brian Lohnes the Editor-in-Chief of, MotoIQ Editor-in Chief, Mike Kojima, and the one-and-only David Freiburger of HOT ROD Magazine, Roadkill, and Engine Masters fame. These heroes of horsepower will combine forces, scouring both the SEMA and PRI shows to find the best motors of the year. One deserving, overall winner (at each show) will receive the coveted Masters of Motors “Engine-uity Trophy,” an 80-pound, billet-work of art awarded to the best overall engine of SEMA 2018 and PRI 2018. In addition to the overall trophy, winners will also be crowned in the following classes.

 2018 Masters of Motors SEMA and PRI Classes

  • Sport Compact
  • European
  • Domestic
  • Race Engine
  • Nostalgia
  • Power Adder
  • Fan Favorite

All winners will receive a $1,000 JE Pistons product certificate to be used on any set of JE pistons, rings, or JE Pro Seal gaskets. In addition, the winner of the Engine-uity award will receive the following from supporting manufacturers, a $4,500 sum across all brands.

  • Dart Machinery- $2,500 toward a cylinder block.
  • K1 Technologies- $750 toward a crankshaft and connecting rods.
  • Trend Performance- $250 toward a set of custom pushrods.

Who Can Win? 

In order to win the 2018 Masters of Motors competition, your engine must be present at the 2018 SEMA and/or PRI show for the judges to see. Of course, SEMA and PRI are very, very big landscapes. To make sure your engine gets noticed you can officially enter the competition HERE to let the judges know where to look!

When Will the Master be Crowned?

The first, official Masters of Motors competition will take place at the 2018 SEMA show, and judging will begin at 9:00am on Tuesday October 30, 2018. If your engine is nominated, a JE Pistons Masters of Motors Ribbon will be left on your vehicle to request your attendance at the awards presentation on Wednesday October 31st at 11:00am (PST). All participants will need to be in attendance of the 2018 SEMA show to win. 

The next Masters of Motors competition will be held at the 2018 PRI show at the Indianapolis Convention center in Indiana, December 6-8.

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Written by Evan Perkins

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